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Recover Your Lost Money

CashBack Services helps people recover money that is rightfully theirs. We help you recover money from sources such as real estate transactions, bank accounts, dividends, legal actions, and tax refunds, which have remained dormant and undistributed. This occurs when the agency or other holder of your money or property cannot find you and/or when a court order is needed to have the funds or property released.

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We Work Hard for You

The CashBack Services team of investigators searches through state, county, local and other public records to find the rightful owners of funds sitting in dormant accounts and other locations. Our investigators then go to work for you and claim these funds on your behalf to help you recover funds that you are entitled to recover.

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What is Unclaimed Money?

Sales of real estate, probate cases and lawsuits often may generate money for either the parties involved or, in many cases, their surviving relatives. In many cases, these funds or accounts may be called “unclaimed” funds containing money that can only be released with a proper court order. We can help you prove that you’re the rightful owner of a particular unknown or forgotten asset, so you are able to claim and receive it.