• We review public records -- with a focus on court records -- to locate money and the people who have a rightful claim to this money.
  • If we can't recover funds for you, you owe us nothing ($0). 
  • The CashBack Ltd team of investigators reviews records around the country daily to help free up funds and get them to their rightful owners.
  • These are NOT funds from each state's official Unclaimed Funds list. 
  • CashBack Services Ltd never charges a fee unless we recover funds for our clients. 
  • When you hire CashBack Services Ltd, we double-check all information before we proceed on a claim for you. This includes confirming the location of the funds, the amount of funds available to you, identifying any other party that may have rights to the funds -- and confirming that the funds are still there. 
  • At our sole expense and risk, CashBack Services Ltd arranges to do all the work necessary to file your claim and to request that the money be released to you.
  • Our work includes acquiring legal representation, as needed, and preparing and presenting all needed documentation.
  • CashBack Services Ltd clients are NEVER asked to provide any personal banking, financial, credit or any other sensitive personal information to submit your claim.
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